Lumberjack Nick #3 - "Spotty"

My First Officially Licensed Piece of Art!

It was the last week of 2020. I made this piece over a week in a complete mad dash while Noon and the girls had Covid. This piece was not easy to get finished in time, and a complete gamble that it would even be accepted.

Now I can finally reveal that a piece of my art was published in an officially licensed Halloween tribute art book. It’s an absolute honor to be included among so many great artists.

Thank you so much to Noon and her mother who helped watch the girls all the while being sick. Without your help achieving this would not have been possible.

If you'd like to purchase the book, you can so here.

I'm also going to be selling limited edition numbered and signed prints in the near future. Stay tuned.

Darth Coon or Rat Vader

Congrats to the Trash Ponda himself, Evan “Racoon” Bulriss for making it into the top 4 at Adepticon this past weekend with the Vader/LAAT build. (A lot of inside jokes there)

Art commissioned by Jay Shelanskey of

Bad Batch Collage Completed

I had a lot of fun putting this one together.

I really want to do movie/show based collages. Especially for the Original Trilogy.

Brothers in Arms 2.0

Here is an updated version of my original Clone Trooper collage, "Brothers in Arms"

Someday I want to put one together a truly updated version of my original collage and title it: "Brothers in Arms: Special Edition"

Commandos in Arms

Commandos are one of the more popular troopers that I get requests for. Though I don't really feel like I can include a too many of them in my Phase 2 collage so I decided to just dedicate an entire collage to them.

Collaboration w/ Piaggio Fast Forward

For May the Fourth (aka Star Wars Day) the social media team over at Piaggio Fast Forward asked me to create an illustration that expresses the similarities between their awesome gita robot and everyone’s friendly neighborhood astromech.

This was a really cool project and marked the first time I worked with a large company.

Mandos & WoMandos

Of course after making four collages of clone troopers it was only obvious the time had come for a Mandalorian collage.

This collage was pieced together by fan requests. I tried my best to include an array of characters from the Mandalorian series, as well as characters from books, comics and Legends.

Post Apocalyptic Colouring Book

Fellow artist Striffle asked me to join his coloring book collaboration. The coloring book features the art of twelve artists around the world (ajarofbees, Bex Bloomfield, Christian Sanhueza, Fausto Gallego, LIMITBREAK, Lumberjack Nick, Mike Hartigan, tom O'Halloren, Andrew Saltmarsh, Mal Jones, Scott Triffle and Carlos Patino), and features 20 pages of post apocalyptic coloring and activity fun.

The coloring book is digital and can purchased here. Print at home, or color on your device/computer. There is also a Spanish language version available here.

Brothers of the 501st

While making my Phase 1 Clone Trooper collage I had a lot of requests to include members of the 501st. Since I could not fit them all in I decided to just make their own collage.

I updated the clones in their final version as they appeared in the Clone Wars series. This meant that Echo is suited up in his original Bad Batch armor. Upon request I did make a version which includes the Phase 2 version of Echo which can be found on my Instagram account

Brother in Arms (Phase 1)

As a follow up to my original Brothers in Arms collage, I had a lot of requests for making a Phase 1 version.

Brothers of the 332nd

If you're a Star Wars fan then there's a pretty good chance you watched the explosive and emotional ending to The Clone Wars animated series. To commemorate the long running series finale, I did a sequel to my Brothers in Arms piece featuring Ahsoka and the 332nd Company.

Bad Batch

With the release of The Clone Wars seventh and final season, to celebrate I did a piece featuring the members of Clone Force 99.

One of the only good things that happened to the world in the winter of 2020 was the trending hashtag #sixfanarts. I had a lot of fun creating mine.

I also had a lot of fun creating one for all of my obscure characters. Can you name where they are all from? Hm?

Andrew Johnson

Here’s a quick drawing I did of the 17th US president, Andrew Johnson. He was the first president to ever be impeached. He was impeached for being too fun.

Baby Yoda Mask

Always wanted your very own baby Yoda!? Now’s your chance!

Step 1) Cut out mask with sharp object
Step 2) Grab baby. One you know. Kidnapping is illegal most places
Step 3) Attach to baby. Use string or rubber band. DO NOT USE STAPLES!
Step 4) Now you have your very own baby Yoda! Yay!

Sabine Wren

Here is another character drawing that I did for  The Fifth Trooper Network and their awesome Alt Art Cards.

I'll the finished cards at a later date!

Imperial Officer

I guess I did something right because The Fifth Trooper Network asked me to do more drawings for their awesome Alt Art Cards.

I'll post more at a later date!

Happy New Years!

Here’s to a new year and a new decade of endless possibilities ☺️‬

‪My version of the @retrosupply tutorial found at

THE FIFTH TROOPER - Northeast Open '19

Using some of the art that I created for Adepticon, plus some addition art, Jay Shelanskey created these amazing Star Wars Legion alt art cards to be given away at the Northeast Open tournament.

View the rest here:

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